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Buang is a Cebuano word for crazy. Cebuano is a local dialect in the Philippines. Buang is typically a harsher word than crazy. This can be used as a curse when you are angry and can be used in tandem with other known Cebuano cuss words such as the likes of Yawa, Pisti and Atay.
Normal Usage:

Buang ka = You are crazy.

Cuss Usage:

Yawa man diay ka, buanga ka. = Roughly translates to: You fucking evil, crazy asshole.
by Sharkybyte April 01, 2008
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A Philippine insult to the people who are crazy.
"Buang ka, friend, wala ka nag-message!"
"You are crazy, friend, you didn't message!"
by BossOfAllGreats June 21, 2018
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Loanword from Malay, buang means to throw away. Commonly used in informal context by speakers of Singapore English where it is used together with English or other languages.
Multicultural means what? Means that, if you buang Singlish, everyone will be left with his or her own thing. The Angmohs and Eurasians and jiak kentangs will talk in England
by NatiqahS June 26, 2016
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