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The Bruce Factor: The amount of friends you have is directly proportional to how slutty one can be.

The more friends you have, the more promiscuous you can be without people hating on you.
This girl has no friends but sucks everyone's dick. No one really likes her.

One would do well to heed the Bruce Factor.
by Didier Drogbro April 12, 2011
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The reason a drunk person may decide to climb onto a parked car, fall off, knock himself unconcious and be taken to a local hospital by Ambulance. He will also have his shoes confiscated by the Police and miss the rest of his best mates Stag night.
by Master Chief August 12, 2003
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A measure of damage, luck and misfortune. The Bruce Factor may arrive at a party as soon as the first glass is broken where apon the rest of the evening will be a veritable chaos of broken mirrors, bad luck, stray corks, stolen lighters, badly pulled bongs resulting in a strange, guttoral choke and general pandemonium. The Bruce Factor will leave approximately one hour after you have evicted your Bruce (a drunken mess) to the great wide world...
"My god we have a lot of broken glasses!"
"Yes. I blame the Bruce Factor."
by Master Chief June 20, 2003
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