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The most Gangersterest part of PA, besides Philly, and is home to The PA Gang Bang. Also know as B-Town by many locals and non-locals. Aside from the Corn everything there is dangerous or deadly. The Amish people in the area are very violoent towards the non-Amish, especially the ones who take there pictures, they also make voodoo dolls for the ones they hate and set them on fire. The second most deadly thing in Brownstown is the manure, it is soo pungent that one wift can knock you out, or make you want to run for the foot hills. The Most Dangerous part of Brownstown is the Turkey Hill, where the PA Gang Bang hangs out and if your there at the wrong time you could end up in a fight or they could shoot you with their AK 47s. When the PA Gang Bang isn't at the Turkey Hill, they're on top of some of Brownstowns' biggest hill rolling rocks down at cars and throwing rock at little school girls/ang or shooting them with water guns. There have been 2 solved murders there, one with the local waitress killing her boyfriend and one with a man killing his whole family with a Hammer.
Sam:Hey im having a party at my house wanna come
Nina:Oh where do you live?
Sam: Brownstown its only a few minutes from Lancaster
Nina: hell no. I'm going there; I don't wanna die
by JV T. Dot December 20, 2006
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