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Sometimes you need to go to great lengths to ice your bros. This icing exists when you stick a smirnoff ice in your anus, bottom first so the cap is the only thing showing. Then proceed to moon him right as he's coming around the corner. The bro seeing your brown eye will actually only see the ice, which he will be required to drink out of your ass.
I turned the corner to see Davey nose deep in Ben's ass, only to find out he had been Brown Iced and was guzzlin that shit down. Likewise, I whipped out my phone and snap chatted that shit to everyone.
by THEdickhatch May 28, 2013
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This is when the woman or man takes a shit, then freezes it in the freezer, then uses it as a dildo.
Sally is using the brown ice she has made over night.
by John June 17, 2006
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A surprisingly large amount of feces on your rectum after having a bowel movement that causes you to lose control of your wipe and smears fecal matter past your rectum and onto your scrotum.
I need to go home and take a shower, in the bathroom I hit brown ice and got shit all over my balls.
by splang77 February 22, 2010
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