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1. The act of proposing to one's closest bro. It is an entirely heterosexual act, and requires the same level of commitment to eachother as in that of a bromance.

2. The act of putting forward an idea to one's bros.
1. Dirk: "Yo Brent, how was last night?"

Brent: "Oh it was rad dude, Chad totally broposed"

Dirk: "Wow that's awesome dude, i'm totally happy for you two"

2. (Dirk gets up at the table)

Dirk :"Gentlemen, i wish to bropose something, we should totally have a bro and sack night at mine this friday"

All : "What an excellent broposal"
by Bro-EE3 December 07, 2009
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When you tell your buddy that you would marry them if they were female.
"No homo, but the girl of my dreams is the female version of you."
"Whoa man, did you just bropose?"
by mb35534 September 18, 2016
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