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A bropiphany is when a person suddenly realizes that he is a bro. A bropiphany can occur in many places; but most usually occur at frat parties, American Eagle or such clothing stores, drinking Nadi Light or Keystone, playing Lax, playing frisbie, listening to Dave Matthews Band, and also realizing your hat looks better backwards with a broken rim. If a person is unaware that he has had a bropihpany, one can usually tell by the change in appearance the person has, and the new ways the person addresses people. Most people that have had a bropiphany instantly refer to others as Brometheus, Brosef Stalin, Broger Federer, LeBro James, Bro-ack Brobama, Leonardo Bro-Vinci, etc.
John-"Hey Luke what you doing this weekend"?
Luke-"Not much Brosef Stalin. Gonna go play some lax with some bros, hit up Abercrombie, watch some Family Guy, and crush a delicious Nadi Light."

"After watching the Ultimate Lax Bro, I suddenly had a bropiphany"

"Dude, whats going on with Graham"
"Not much, King Brothur, hes just having a bropiphany".

Ah, don't tase me brah!
by luk5elrey October 16, 2009
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(Noun) A Bropihpany happens when two or more Bros come to a shared realization simultaneously. A true Bropiphany often concerns a Bro topic such as females or cars.
Jessica was trying to talk to Jackson but he seemed rather distracted. Karl, Chris and Jackson all realized he was busy thinking about the anatomy of a female. When they verbally indicated this at exactly the same time, they had a Bropiphany.

Jackson: "I was too busy thinking about sucking milk from a girl's tit."
Karl: "You were too busy thinking about sucking a tit."
Craig: "You were too busy thinking about a breast."
All three: "WOAH Dude."
by codeMonster March 18, 2014
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