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A person of Italian descent who hails from Brooklyn. Often holding an extremely large ego, the Brooklytalian (Alternative spelling: 'Brooklitalian'), has no problem boasting about what a badass they believe themselves to be, and can often be seen declaring their believed standing on the human food chain; That is, the top.

Due to coming from 'the most ghetto place in the world', most if not all members of the Brooklytalian race like to make others believe they're the head of a gang or in the mafia or some bullshit like that. If one makes an unfortunate encounter with a Brooklytalian, especially an irate one, they best prepare themselves for a long, long bragging session. Attempting to get away from the situation will only result in a threat to have a 'cap popped in your ass'.

It is to be noted that female Brooklytalians can go on bullshit sessions just as long-winded as the males can, if not longer.
Guy #1: (while speaking to an audience) : "...So of course I beat the guy's head in. Don't feel bad for him or nothin' - That's what he gets for messing with me; Tony, the baddest guy in Brooklyn!"

Guy #2: "That guy's been saying the same thing for about an hour now...What's his problem?"
Guy #2's friend: "Oh, don't mind him. He's just a Brooklytalian."
by Mstu September 20, 2009
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