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An area of Washington DC that has become a rather dangerous ghetto. The Catholic University of America resides in this pristine area. The students are told that the area is not bad and that nothing really terrible happens. Contrary to that belief are several homicides and muggings. But its not THAT bad. Things to consider when taking a stroll through the Brookland area at night are things like is it gang initiation time of the year or god i hope those black guys are friendly. One might think that the area is better because the MPDC would want to protect the pretty white kids of CUA but no. An MPDC patrol car is a rare sight and besides what the hell are they really going to do there so dam incompetent. The area was once known as little rome but its slowly becoming little compton. Brookland- a gangstas paradise, rich white kids with no common sense.
I was walking through brookland on the way back to campus when I was hit in the head with a beer bottle.

Hey did you hear about the mugging in Brookland yesterday.
by Eri Pain October 12, 2009
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