a term used for a male who is a person's uncle and brother, as a result from an incestual relationship between his sister and father, or brother and mother.
john and mary are father and daughter. john and mary have a child together named stephen. mary has a brother named cletus. cletus is stephen's broncle.
by dj dustman August 10, 2009
Someone that, in some aspects of your friendship with him, is a big brother (e.g. Pays you out and jokes around but knows when to just stop and listen) but in other aspects, an uncle (e.g. Your mum or dad has also adopted him as their brother.....hm). You really can't decide so he just becomes both, smooshed together :)
Thanks for listening Broncle, you're the best!

encouragment great listener thanks love ya
by Lozzavoji October 23, 2013