An overly exaggerated way of saying 'you've done well' - as if to say that the internet is the most valuable thing ever. Used by the same types that say 'bro' - and 'literally' too much
like, duuuude.... you broke the internet with that prank...'
by tom healey August 29, 2016
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Often assumed by people who have weak knowledge of modern technology and/or the internets. Sometimes used by people who do have knowledge of the internets to make fun of those who do not.
Old Man: Lets book our holiday online Ethel
Old Woman: *types*
Old Man: Oh no, looks like you broke the internet!
Ethel (Previously Old Woman): Oh noes!

Young Man: lol
by PoHoFoSho February 19, 2010
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A dress someone posted online that for some odd reason have people seeing it as white and gold, and some people seeing it as blue and black. It's blue and black and the company that made the dress even confirmed it.
Sally showed the dress that broke the internet to her dad and he said that it was white and gold.
by xboxsuckspsftw February 27, 2015
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