1) When someone who's in confinement (i.e. Jail,Prison,Hospital) and finds a way on the outside of the building where you are free to run away.

2) When someone gets infected by something that makes them "breaks out" with spots or something similar to one having a reaction to allergies. Can be sexually or nonsexual.
1) Lauren broke out of the mental hospital yesterday!
2) Nic broke out from herpes because he's been fucking everyone AND their moms!
by MentalEmotionalBitchAssh0le April 27, 2019
Run away; steal. Stealing something.
Shortay: We broke out of the corner store with some cigs!
Tim: Same but we got doritos!
by breeziii October 14, 2007
used to describe a person who has engaged in anal sex
"hey man you going out with jill?"
"fuck that man-words is she got broke out spokes!"
by shivhappy August 19, 2011
1. People get bored of war so they call for a ceasefire, or sign a treaty.
2. People use peace signs as finger scissors .
1. Both sides in the war had heavy casualties, so they decided to sign a treaty and peace broke out.
2. Using the peace sign as a weapon and distraction, they used their fingers to snip away at our defence, and so peace broke out.