a professional bro. This is a person who excels in party related activity with a professional style. They are good at all things party: i.e. drinking, smoking, dancing, talking to the opposite sex, getting out of situations, etc.
We were down to one cup in our beerpong game and Brad just walked up, looked at the cup, and sank it in one shot. A true brofessional.
by The Hammer Bros May 29, 2008
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A brofessional is a dude who has devoted himelf fully to bro activities. Obviously this includes beer drinking, watching sports, playing videogames, listening to bro music, hitting on slutty girls.

However, what truly distinguishes the brofessional is that he, upon graduation, finds a job that encourages or accomodates this lifestyle.

For example: Investment Banker, Lacrosse Coach, Client Relations Management, Beer Company Representative, Admissions Officer, College Counselor, Vineyard Vines Employee, Physical Therapist.
"Bro, our lacrosse coach is a brofessional. Did you seem him inhale those beers during flip cup last night at ATO?"
"Yeah, dude. He was crushing everyone at Beer Pong too. I think he hooked up with that freshman whore, Maria. I can't believe he's 27."
by Luke Brolitz February 5, 2009
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one who is a Professional Bro, who not only excels but pillages in all forms of partying, including, but not limited to: drinking, smoking, smoking cigarettes, talking to girls, handling liquor, and getting out of shit while your drunk.
"Gotta hand it to mitch, kid was a brofessional tonight."
by Old Man Jasper November 1, 2011
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The one bro in your group that is pro at everything
Your friend Steve the brofessional should play in the Brolypics.
by datdude111 August 12, 2011
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A worker's wingman;

able to understand the loyalty between two employees and take favor towards a better outcome for the associate over the company;

Covering for a fellow employee.
Brofessional: "The boss was looking for you."

Coworker: "shit, did he ask where I was?"

Brofessional:"I told em you had a massive attack of Diarhea forcing you to spend the greater part of the morning in the toilet. So yeah, he doesn't know your late."
by bizzarot April 16, 2010
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The act of being an ultimate bro. A professional is someone who has class, and gets the job done. A brofessional is someone who gets it done on a high level, mixed with the sweet smell of cologne, and a well treated Armani suit. No matter the occasion, well dressed, well groomed, and just the pinnacle of the worker.
Yo, hes gonna get a promotion just because hes such a brofessional.

For sure.
by yii August 28, 2009
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Being so bro at something that you clould be considered to be on the same level as the broest people alive (i.e. Jesus, Tim Tebow, Connor Martin)
Cole- "Hey do you play lacrosse?"
Chandler- "yeah im a brofessional
by BurntEternalGenius December 19, 2011
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