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The newest urban man-in-demand--the brocavore--is more down with nature. He's all about eating local and organic, making his own beer, and drinking from mason jars.

"A dude involved in the local food movement and restaurant scene. Typically identified by his fixed-gear bicycle, tattoos, facial hair and fondness for craft beer (preferably Sixpoint) in a jar and early Pavement. Commonly seen at Roberta’s, Prime Meats, the Bell House."
- CHRISTINE MUHLKE (New York Time's Magazine).
Hey! Did you check out that brocavore behind the bar? Maybe he's got a good recipe for my heart and my appetite. Thank GOD metrosexuals are out because I need a man's man with a sensitive palette. Pass the homebrew, boy !!!
by More than Fun August 17, 2010
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