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(brO-bE-fOre-hOe-ism); Noun; The most common, and secretive, of all religions practiced by a majority of the male sex.

Legend has it that the religion first originated during the 6th Century, when King Arthur stormed away from the castle one night after an altercation with Guinevere about her relations with Sir Lancelot. Arthur decided to roam the courtyard drunk and mingle with the male commoners in the courtyard tavern. Rumor has it that there were many toasts of ale that night. Due to that, an unexpected bond between Arthur and his male commoners was created. That night, in his drunken stupor, Arthur created the first Brobeforehoeism sect, and kicked the cheating whore Guinevere to the curb!
When Jason was repeatedly told by Cindy one day to not attend his weekly guy's night out, his Brobeforehoeism beliefs resulted in two things: her moving out, and him going to the bar for guy's night out!
by SSgt H October 30, 2008
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