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It can be an even deeper discussion about your boys lives. Things said in bro talk sometimes have to stay with that group and that's how it is. Bro talk is all about respect and trust in your boys.
Zach: Bro talk last night was so intense.
Evan: I know, i feel you dude.
Zach: Yeah everyone got into it. Whatever was said stays with us.
Evan: Fashoda man. Legit Bro talk last night. To Terence's grandma.
by BambiBro2 September 8, 2009
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bro talk is a chat among friends at a social event that involves very important information, some examples include:

Where someone plans to spend the night
Where more brew is at
How someone is getting home
What someone is doing for the rest of the day
Which babes are lookin fine or not
How gay someone is being
How to get invited over to someones house that you're not invited to
And in general pretty much anything
an example of bro talk:
Bro 1: DUde she is lookin finnne tonight.
Bro 2: dude tap it.
by Blanchet 09' October 3, 2007
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A talk amongst one fellow male where you talk about all the things that you are going through and dealing with. Once discussed in the talk it shall remain among the two unless told otherwise. The Bro Talk tends to last at least an hour and increases the bond of the friends. A sign that you have had the talk is a feeling of restfulness and a weight lifted off your shoulders the following morning.
You don't need an example of a Bro Talk since you would know if you had one.
by dblade19 November 11, 2010
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It's like pillow talk, but for the bros
Bro 1: "Ay bro, take off them socks and lemme see those toes"
Bro 2: "Anything for you, bro"

Bro Talk being used in action
by JakBoW April 26, 2022
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the act of having a discussion between bros about the ladies, general things, certain situations, and the ladies. Usually to straighten things out with a friend or group of friends.

What is a bro ?
Evan: Bro talk?
Kevin: Yeah bro talk mayn.
Evan: Sick bro. You should totally get at so-and-so.
Kevin: Yeah I know bro.
Evan: So go pussy!

Evan: Good. Did you see how fine she looked?
Kevin: Yumps. She got tits like Jesus.
Evan: Fashoda.
by BambiBro September 1, 2009
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When two or more guys gather together and talk about things that they usually can not talk about. Bro-Talks usually involve deep conversations and dont involve any "hatin" or "jonin" on the guys within the bro-talk. Usually whatever is said in bro-talk stays in bro-talk so other guys can't call gay, a fag, or a tool. Bro-talks are commonly done within group poops but can be done anytime two close friends are present.
Ay yo niggs lets go have some bro-talk this nigga needs to vent yo.
by ps3>360 February 11, 2009
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A serious talk between two close male friends, in which they talk about all the things going on in their life at the moment. Deep bro talks are sacred meetings, and all the things discussed during them cannot be told to anyone else without the other's consent.
Sam had a deep bro talk with David about his crush on Sammy.

bro real bro-talk talk friends meeting real talk
by The Grand Negus June 21, 2013
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