It’s a subculture revolving around “bros”. Bros are men, usually college aged, that like to hang out watching/playing sports, drinking beer, throwing parties, etc. They usually tease each other, banter heavily, and make lots of dares. “Bro Culture” is the subculture of society of “bros”. The culture has a lot of haters, but at the end of the day they have their bros.
Kid: “hey bro have ya seen the real bros of Simi Valley?”

Kid: “ya, I don’t get the jokes, I am not that into bro culture.”
by Sloothunter42 December 6, 2018
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Where bro-hams, Bros, guys in groups interacting with each other (often in the work place) on the basis of suppressing their own insecurities about their masculinity by degrading women in a hope that they look big, tough and without emotions. Among many men this is almost an unconscious interaction past a certain age.
Silicon valley has a lot of bro culture.
by AllBizness September 18, 2014
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