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Introduction to Bro Bucks:
Bro Bucks is a way to pay your bro back without actually paying your bro back. However it is not as simple as it sounds.

History of Bro Bucks:
The history of bro bucks begins sometime in the month of July in a medium sized town in Massachuesstes called Framingham. James Jacobs (no job, no money, no license, no car) had to get to get to Providence Rhode Island to hook up with his girlfriend. James could not get down to Rhode Island himself so James called his best bro Justin and asked Justin to drive him down to Rhode Island so he could hook up with his girlfriend.
When James first proposed this idea to Justin, Justin did not like the idea at all. Justin wanted some compensation from doing James such a big favor, but James (no job, no money, no license, no car) did not really have much to offer. After many many minutes on the telephone James and Justin struck a deal. James agreed to give Justin 50 bro bucks. And a new form of currency was born.

How Bro Bucks are aquired and spent:
Bro Bucks are aquired by 'being a bro'. 'Being a bro' includes any bro related favors. Some examples of being a bro are: Driving bro around, getting bro pussy, lending a bro some money, letting a bro hit your joint/blunt/bong etc. Driving your bro home if he's drunk, letting a bro copy your homework, and backing up your bro in a fight are only a few examples.
Once you acquire bro bucks you can cash them in however you wish. You can make your bro be your wingman so u wont have to talk to the ugly one, you can cop a nug from your bro, you can fishbowl your bro's car, you can get drunk at a party and make your bro whip you home(license or not). Each of these activites cost a specific amount of bro bucks which will be explained in the next section.

How much to charge your bro:
Bro Bucks is a complicated form of currency. The amount of Bro Bucks earned form 'being a bro' is dependent on two factors.
1. Inconvience to you
2. Benefit to bro
Each catergorie (inconvience to you) and (benefit to bro) is weighted on a 1-30 point scale. The two individual factors are added together to find the amount of bro bucks earned. For example driving your bro across state to get pussy would be a 30 on the inconveince scale and a 20 on the benefit scale (he didnt get in it). So when they are added together your bro owes you fifty bro bucks

Q&A with a Bro:
Q: Are bro bucks retro active for stuff i did for my bro before i heard about bro bucks?
A: Nah, bro bucks aims to start fresh
Q: Can bro bucks be earned when a bro is being a complete jerk to you?
A: Although i do not condone stranding a bro without a ride, hooking up with a bro's girlfriend, forcing and encouraging a bro drink because he's down, stealing some of your bros stuff, or otherwise being a douche, this stuff is completly seperate from bro bucks
Q: Do bro bucks have to be paid back upon the bro's request?
A: Yes, within reason. "I can't drive you home because im gonna be drinking more than you" is not a good excuse. "Dude I can't drive you home; I don't have a license" is not a good excuse. "Dude I can't drive you home because
my aunt just died" is a reasonable excuse.

Q: What happens if my bro and I cannot agree on how many bro bucks I owe him
A: Any disputes about how many bro bucks one has earned will be decided by the council of the bros (James, Justin, and Matthew Clements of Framingham MA, who lives across from taco bell on Rt 30 in a light blue house)
Q: If I dont wanna be a bro is there a conversion of bro bucks to U.S. dollars?
A: Yes, the conversion is $2 to one bro buck.
Q: Are bor bucks transferable fomr bro to bro?
A: No they are not. If you another bro 10 bro bucks, and a bro owes you 10 bro bucks you CANNOT just get your bro to pass on his debt to another bro that you owe.
If you have any other questions just remember this one thing:

"Dude; just be a bro"
basically everything is described up there so if you still don't know how to use bro bucks you never will
by Jusitn, James, Matt September 11, 2007
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Currency used between (bros) for the exchange of services based on years of friendship. bro bucks have little or no value outside of the friendship. payments in bro bucks usually mean that the service being provided will take forever to get done.
I called up my long-time buddy Rick to help me build my website - he's going to do it for free since I'm using bro bucks but I have no idea when the website will be finished.
by dannynoonan April 23, 2005
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