The sweetest girl in the world!
Knows how to have fun and is always smiling!

Is NOT a whore face and almost/is prefect in everything she does!
A: Have you seen Brittany??
B: Yea, we hung out. Brittany rocks my socks.
by SisterInLaw February 02, 2010
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Brittany's are gamer girls that hang out with the guys girls get on her nerves but she has a couple close friends that she would do anything for that are female. Shes loves the out doors and loves to sing to different types a music. Brittany's are typically blonde but change there hair to a darker color. Brittany's aslo have a great since of humor and love messing around but are still very intelligent and smart. Brittany's get their feelings hurt easily but hold all they're hurt inside and let it come out when they cant keep it down anymore. Brittany's will always be there for you no matter what.
Brittany is awesome!!
by psycoticfreak September 21, 2011
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A Brittany is a hot, sexy, lovable, everyone is jealous of type of girl. AND has the wit and smarts to match! Not just your average girl, she tears it up on the dance floor at all the clubs and bars... watch out if you can't keep up. A Brittany is also a rare find, so if you find one... better hold onto her because you may never find another! Pretty much the most amazing person you will eve meet!
Daaaaamn, did you see that Brittany at the bar last night?
by laracrofttombraider February 04, 2010
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brittanys are always amazing. they are cute, funny, sexy, sweet and laugh alot. always fun in bed, beautiful, and talented, the world could be hers. she is usually a "good girl" to the people that dont know her but is a "bad girl" at heart. she parties hard, loves her friends, and has her heart owned by the one perfect guy.
dude, your so lucky... brittany is so hott.
by halfasiaan18 February 05, 2010
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The most awesome name ever other than ice cream.
Person one: Oh I hear her name is Brittany.
Person two: Oh, speaking of Brittanys, let's get ice cream
by baby eating narwhal February 21, 2011
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