Rarity in site. A name no one ever has, very rare. Normally Brindys are Blonde, Short, Blueish green eyes, VERY beautiful, smart to no end, and is normally an amazing girlfriend. If you ever date a Brindy keep her and hold her tight.
Guy 1:Yo, did you see that blonde girl?
Guy 2: Yeah.... why?
Guy 1: She looked like a Brindy.
Guy 2: Yes, yes she did.
by Bakes is never baked September 22, 2011
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When it's not quite breezy & not quite windy, it's brindy
It's Brindy out today!
by Melvid February 26, 2019
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Sweet fun girl who loves to have fun with family and is great with kids!
I wish Brindi was my babysitter!
by jilljw January 11, 2012
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The hottest yet most humble girl. This is a girl everyone likes.
Brindi is amazing.
by Kindness Bach February 9, 2019
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