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A fairly awesome girl, known mostly for her Tankness. She is pretty epic, and can lift up almost anything without much effort.
Paige: "You know that girl we met at camp?"
Adria: "Yeah, she was a total Briena!"
by Chashmonit December 17, 2010
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a stupid big tittied bitch who thinks shes alll cool stealing all your dude friends when really shes just lookin like a hoe and gettin strait up pissed when someone actually points it out. dont you EVER become friends with her cuz she will take your life and rip it to shreads. she is a whorey little whore who really shouldnt be cuz she sucks in the sack and swear it feels like you fucking a safety cone that shit so loose.
boy: dude i swear i wasnt ever in BRIENA that shit so loose

shellie: shut up, dont be such a BRIENA
by hiyaimwaistedyeaboi January 28, 2011
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