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Brieana is the name of a WONDERFUL woman that is absolutely beautiful and talented usually she will have blonde hair and green eyes she is a good friend and if you loose her you don’t get her back be Nice to a brieana and she will treat you wonderfully if you are friends with or a dating a brieana you are blessed
Friend - Brieana your the best

Brieana- dont say the because your AMAZING
by ManOfTruth666 October 21, 2018
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She's so wonderfully, she's most of the time lightskin she has a perfect body, & she's very loyal she's a amazing friend to hang out with or to have, she knows how to dress very well , & would be a wonderfull girlfriend.
" I love my girlfriend her name is brieana."
by Kholdpeice March 14, 2017
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Brieana is a unique way of spelling Brianna which is a feminine form of Brian, which is believed to be of Celtic origin and of the meaning "strength."
I bid you to have the strength of Brieana.
by Celtic god June 25, 2019
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Brieana is usually a kind cute caring girl. If you have a Brieana. For her friend don’t hurt her feelings she is the best friend you will get she is always loyal she usually has green eyes and will be a amazing girlfriend to have.
Friend 1. Brieana you are sooo funny.

Brieana. Thank you!!
by Dude amazing March 11, 2018
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