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The act of losing your virginity to a guy you barely know, and then proceeding to do different guys you don't know so the rest of your "friends" will like you.

Typically done within groups of "friends" who basically take turns with the same group of guys, referred to as bros.

Doing the Bridgman may cause:
Loss of clothing
Loss of virginity
Loss of "friends"
Loss of self respect
Loss of good reputation
Sexually transmitted diseases
Unplanned pregnancy

Doing the Bridgman may also expose you to:
A criminal record
Guys who graduated 5 years ago but have no lives because they work at Pizza Hut and still think they're "The Man."
Girl 1: What are you doing tonight?

Girl 2: I don't know.. You?

Girl 1: I feel like Bridgmaning tonight.

Girl 3: I always knew you were one of us. Yay (fake) friends!
*Walks away*

Girl 2: *tear* I want to be a whore too!
by S1k0fTh15$h1t. August 12, 2011
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