A city that's among the world leaders in abandoned buildings, shattered glass, boarded-up windows, wild dogs, and gas stations without pumps.
Stewie Griffin: This doesn't look like Santa's Workshop, it looks like Bridgeport, CT!

Brian Griffin: Oh boy, here come the letters!
by thegreatrock May 12, 2011
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Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut greatly known for its corrupted politics and polluted scenery after the deindustrialization of the city. BPT offers: Beardsley Zoological Gardens, the only zoo within CT, where PT Barnum truly began the circus, where Gustave Whitehead was really the first in flight only denied for not having a license to do so, where James Henry O' Rourke grew up and passed on earning the first hit ever for the National League of the MLB, where Fred Deluca considered the idea of creating subway restaurants, where John mayer was born and schooled but denies even mentioning such to anyone referring to his home as Fairfield, CT instead, along with names like Henry Bergh, Richard Belzer, Albert Bender, Al Capp, Adriana Caselotti, John Curtis, Robert De Forest, Brian Dennehy, Alfred Fones, William Hincks, Harvey Hubble, Arline Judge, Walt Kelley, Edwin Herbert Land, Louis latimer, John Mackenzie, Robert Mitchum, Colonel Henry Mucci, Tony Musante, Kevin Nealon, Roy Neuberger, William Henry Noble, Antonio Pappano, John Ratzenberger, C.F. Ritchel, Samuel Simons, Deborah Walley, Michael Jai White, Vinny Vincent, Howard Baker, George Curry, Kiddo Davis, Rob Dibble, Angel Echevarria, Ray Keating, Kurt Kepshire, Billy Lush, Ernie Lush, Greg McCarthy, John Michaels, John 'Spike' Merina, Charles Nagy, Phillip Nastu, Queenie O' Rourke, John Papa, Mike Pasquella, Pretzel Pezzullo, Johnny Tillman, Ed Wojna, Courtney Alexander, John Bagley, John Garris, Frank Oleynick, Chris Smith, Charles Smith, Wes Matthews, Manute Bol, Cornelius "Neal" Ball had first unassisted triple play in the MLB from BPT, Julius Boros, Joseph Booth, Victor K. Ross, Porky Vieira, Jack Kvancz, yeas all the famous ones from BPT. But u can't forget the elevating number of homicides, and violence Fabrizi taking cocaine keeping him in office even after the incident, then again there is Central Magnet and the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) where education is challenging compared to the easygoing no homework don't do chit drug addicted regular Central, Bassick, Harding kids; can't forget Health magnet at harding and business magnet at bassick. Some call BPT the ghetto- depends on which side u live, everyone one the east u already kno do drugs sellin from 9 to 5 chillin on the corners of streets because families don't want them around. Whites live on the North, n tha preppy azz black kids; gangs are abundant on the east and west by the MArina Village section, that's where its poppin. Whites buy 15 mil homes on the North them rich ass hoeboes who don't even compare to the rich bitches of greenwich, yea everyone not ghetto but everyone still contribute to the hood. Lots of whites are found on the North they even got Fairfield and trumbull backin em up for protection they need it don't stay out late at night its goin down BPT style, the North is really nice a lot of them smartasses go to fairfield prep instead of BPT public systems, plus the Black Rock section on the west has really nice homes too both areas cost about 15- 20 million when considering homes on the Bridgeport line and into them sides.
Teams in Bridgeport, CT include the Bridgeport Bluefish, baseball team playing for Atlantic League, Bridgeport Soundtigers, affiliate of New York Islanders, that's the entertainment baby...
by Wacky rooster July 22, 2006
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