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1. A Michigan State provided card (EBT), that is used to help provide bill money and/or food money for those in severe need who live in Michigan.

2. I thought it was called a "Bridge Card" because it helps people get from hard times across the bridge to better times. So, out of curiosity, I asked the lady behind the window about it and she said no, it's name refers to the "Mackinac Bridge"; but she thought that my idea about the card name explanation was more fitting and better though.
A picture of the Michigan Bridge Card, and it's governmental definition, etc.. can be found online through Google; but we can't post links on here, sorry.

EX: I use my DHS Bridge Card to get groceries, and w/o it I would starve.
by IrishDaddy2U April 17, 2010
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Card used for many college students to get food, the michigan form of food stamps, easy to apply for and easy to get. Regular people who are low income also eligble for bridge cards.
"I have no money for food"
"Why dont you apply for a bridge card?"
by ill buy the chaser tonight November 24, 2009
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Food assistance for Michigan lower income. The Bridge Card is issued by S.N.A.P - formally the Food Stamp Program to purchase foods and for cash assistance.
I went to to get a Bridge card for food assistance and then went to once I had my Bridge Card.
by April 04, 2011
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