Term used in western canada to refer to a guy that looks like a greasy itilian pirate, not unlike captain morgan. Also known to make really good chilli, and manage to pick up girls when out of town for work.
Guy#1 - Man you look like a pirate
Guy#2 - I know I'm gonna pull a bridges and take home a girl and cook her chilli
by Ups September 28, 2006
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Area between a man's scrotum and anus.

Synonyms: nifkin, grundle, ABC (Arse-Bollock/ Arse-Ball Connector)
Lick my bridge.
by bri-j November 12, 2002
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The perfect diving board and solution to any problem.
Hey do you feel like swimming?

Then go jump off that bridge!
by Roasterofall14 April 05, 2017
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1. A distance that is way too far to travel.

Dude1: Yo man let me hit that!
Dude2 Nah bruh.
Dude1: cmon, let me hit that!
Dude2: bridge, thats hella too far.
by calabrese January 23, 2007
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