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A belief system built around the central tenet "I am God and so are you, you just need more practice", Briantology combines Occam's Razor, Agnostic Theory, and Divine Command Theory with the following logic:

-There is no known way to prove or disprove the existence of God.
-Individuals can choose whether or not to believe in a deity.
-One's devout belief in a deity causes that deity to possess real power and control over its practitioners.

-I'm always right, therefore I must be God.
-I control my own actions, therefore the power of a God flows through me.

-You can't prove me wrong, which further establishes that I'm right.

-I could possibly prove myself wrong, but I don't want to, so it's morally wrong for me to consider doing so.

While the term Briantology is used to reference this way of thinking, the implementation of the concept is as *__tology, where *__ is the name of the individual practitioner.
Now that Steven has learned and practiced the teachings of Briantology, he's become a bonafide Steventologist.
by yeknomgod July 04, 2014
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A religion with facets expounding the virtues of exercising without a shirt, mainly for the purposes of running. This was founded on the belief of celebrating human nature and male bonding. This belief system is growing rapidly in popularity, mostly in high school and college cross country teams.
People can't tell us not to run without shirts, it's the religion of Briantology!
by Goku324 February 03, 2010
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