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This predatory gaze involves one's upper chest puffing out, legs drunkenly swaying side to side, with a slight head bob left to right, along with a grey or black v-neck. A mild case of pigeon toe has also been reported. While watery eyes are not common, an unhealthy amount of rye will cause a glazed over appearance. Common side effects include an overflowing drink, immediate ejection from the dancefloor, or potentially the club entirely. Success is measured in 6's and 7's.
Girl: OMG what the fuck is wrong with that guy

BFF: Shit, he's giving you The Bretton, run.
by IssardClose September 18, 2012
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A hansome alpha male with a really large penis and always has mating rights in the sqaud he is strong intelligent it makes every woman in a 30 mile radius moist.his penis is so large infact space time is bent in his presence. He has the spiciest hands in the Bikini Bottom.
Girl:that bretton is really cute hes making me moist
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