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Bretton is a calm, sensible guy. He is kind, but can really put up a fight. He is larger than most boys in both strength and weight (fat). He is not shy, and doesn’t mind people laughing about his weight at pools or while in gym class. Bretton is the funny one in his group of friends, and likes inviting people over to his house to play video games, and eat pizza. He is good at most school activities, such as math and english, but struggles with science. Bretton wears 100% polyester shirts (very thin and tight), so he can show his is comfortable with his weight and doesn’t care what you have to say about it.
Brettons Friend: Bretton is a nice dude. Once you get to know him, you will forget about his weight and like him, too.
Passerby 1: Look at Bretton, over there. I know he’s a nice guy and all, but he’s a little fat.
Passerby 2: Yea, that tight polyester doesn’t look good on him.
Bretton walks over to the new kid.
Bretton: Hey, nice to meet you! Welcome to our school. Want a tour?
New kid: I think I can find the way the schools food supply myself, fatty.
Bretton: Go right ahead. :P
by JoeDoe* February 17, 2019
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A hansome alpha male with a really large penis and always has mating rights in the sqaud he is strong intelligent it makes every woman in a 30 mile radius moist.his penis is so large infact space time is bent in his presence. He has the spiciest hands in the Bikini Bottom.
Girl:that bretton is really cute hes making me moist
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This predatory gaze involves one's upper chest puffing out, legs drunkenly swaying side to side, with a slight head bob left to right, along with a grey or black v-neck. A mild case of pigeon toe has also been reported. While watery eyes are not common, an unhealthy amount of rye will cause a glazed over appearance. Common side effects include an overflowing drink, immediate ejection from the dancefloor, or potentially the club entirely. Success is measured in 6's and 7's.
Girl: OMG what the fuck is wrong with that guy

BFF: Shit, he's giving you The Bretton, run.
by IssardClose September 18, 2012
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