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A close knit group consisting of people who share similar tastes. Possibly taste in clothes, music, women, cinema and love. Often accused of thinking no end of themselves and having an attitude problem.
Loyalty, testicular fortitude, personality and a killer sense of humour are pre requisite to being a brether. Usually found in Grad School.
There might be different levels in a bretherhood. The inner circle or the primary circle and outer circle or the secondary circle.
Here they come. Abey, fellows, bubbles, cash, fuggy. All brethers till the end!
by Brether Abey March 15, 2008
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One of the brethers. Might be a primary or secondary member. Characteristics include Loyalty, fun to be with, bravery, aggressiveness and a great sense of humour.
So brether *insert name here*, where are the other brethers?
by Brether Abey March 15, 2008
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