The most diverse town on Long Island. You will find someone from every continent here. The music department is the best of all long island, all other towns wish they could be part of ci's music department. The sports are getting better and better every year and you will find the best people here. Theres that 3% hat are wanna be "gangsta" and the papi's and prima's but other then that its all good.
Someone: you're from ci?
Central Islip person: yeah, and?
Someone: music department rocks but theres some weird people there.
Central Islip person: yeah, oh wellll its all good.
by Anonnn1 October 3, 2013
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Central Islip is ghetto it gets poppin the capital of murder on Long Island just as bentwood but there’s been more murders in Central Islip
Basically Central Islip is the chiraq
by Anonnn1 July 16, 2018
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Central Islip is a scary and dangerous place located on Long Island. Some areas are nice but most are sketchy and risky if entered. Much like Brentwood, you could get jumped, shot, and even die. If you were to walk there wearing different colored clothes than them it is possible you can get shot because they don't like the color of your clothes. In the end, even though there are some (very little) parts of Central Islip that are good most is filled with dangerous "gangsters" and many crazy people.
Man Central Islip is a scary place
Yeah it sure is
by The STALLI0N October 25, 2018
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School on Long Island in New York. This school is full of spic wannabe gang members of such gangs like MS-13 and Latin Kings. The girls are stupid as shit and love smoking vape and are usually pregnant in sophomore year after getting fucked by a Senior. The teachers are the only types of white people in the school and they get mad over the stupidest shit. People usually skip class by walking throughout the circle of the school and they do cyphs in the bathroom. The school smells like shit and theres always a sped kid whos a janitor in lunch who breakdances out of no where. The football team is worse than the Cleveland Browns and their helmets cost 10 dollars, also the soccer team keeps getting fucked up by the Brentwood High School soccer team.
Guy 1: Yoooo where did you get all these drugs from?

Guy 2: Oh I go to central islip high school, we do cyphs all the time in the bathroom.
by Taxther October 3, 2019
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