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A sweet boy who can make you smile a laugh just from his voice he’s freaky and can make your heart melt he may be difficult but he can be the most amazing person you know he may be weird but he’s the best you could ask for
Brennden is the best boyfriend ever
by Babygirl4eva July 19, 2018
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Brennden is a fine ass light skin boy that's amazing at everything he does. And has the most prettiest eyes and usually dates girls that starts with C
Dang that boy brennden is fine
by ciara Smith December 17, 2016
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The acne stick make sure to stay 50 ft ways from him if u don’t want acne he plays the role squadward from the show spongbob he is a pervert and is gay he has a gigantic nose and has a boyfriend
Hi I’m brennden and I suck cody
by Skxjdjxjfjcjf June 24, 2018
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