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Can be used in terms of an event, a female or a song, generally meaning of a high standard, or cool/peng.
Hugh: That member of the opposite sex is somewhat appealing
Ryan: Yeah she's brench

Jake: Can't wait for yo' party Olly.
Olly: Yeah it's gonna be brench
by Irongut April 02, 2012
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To vomit or otherwise be sick, usually onto another person
"Dude, i was so wasted last night, this girl went to kiss me and i brenched all over her"
"I had a dodgy kebab, then I brenched"
by Wadewadewade January 29, 2009
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for a girl to sit on a guy while meeting (snog, make-out or french kiss) facing each other and for
the boy to have his hands in her pants
"will you brench my friend" a guy would ask a girl
by de courcey 6785 May 02, 2018
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