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So named for the February 2010 dismissal of Brandon Davies from the BYU basketball team, less than a month before the NCAA tournament, for "breaking the BYU honor code."

After a brief period of inquiry, the media was able to determine that his infraction was not criminal in nature (the most typical reason a collegiate athlete would be kicked off a team), but because he had had consensual sex with his girlfriend. BYU's honor code forbids students from having premarital sex and instructs them to "live a chaste and virtuous life."
Sup dude, you wanna come over and play Call of Duty?

Nah man, Jessica's coming over. We're gonna be Breaking the BYU Honor Code, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
by Transformers3People0 March 03, 2011
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A euphemism for having sex, as made famous by BYU basketball player Brandon Davies, who was kicked off team for admitting premarital sex with his girlfriend.
Red-blooded male: It's Saturday night and I'm getting wasted. If all goes well, I will be breaking the BYU honor code later tonight.
by TBag 685 March 06, 2011
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1. Having sex

Term originated from Brandon Davies, who was suspended from BYU for breaking its strict honor code which prohibits pre-marital sex.
Eric: Damn, Matt, you and Jenny were breaking the BYU honor code all night...
Matt: I know! She's such a nympho!
by JMOOOOOO March 05, 2011
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