What a person does to another in a fight.

Whooping the shit out of somebody.

Destroying someone.
Haha, did you see that? I broke his face and he went to the hospital.

Don't make me break your face in.
by B-raderton August 12, 2007
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1.What I do to people who try to beat me in cross country

2. A threat to anyone who bad mouths, trashes, or otherwise insults me.

I break faces on a daily basis.
"Yo, foo! You best get behind me or i'll break your face!"

" Say that again and I BREAK YOUR FACE!"
by Anniejew November 4, 2005
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To shove crack rock up your nose all night til it doesn't work anymore and you probably hurt the next day
Hey, you holdin?
Why, you wanna break your face tonight?
by Ms. Basehead June 9, 2006
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Break Your Face Off is a party phenomenon sweeping the nation. Break Your Face Off's are characterized by typical party elements, fueled by reckless consumption of hedonistic proportions. BYFO's typically upgrade ashtrays to buttbuckets, and a large pot, kettle, or trash can is often placed outside the house in case of partying TOO hard. Mature adults who consider themselves too mature for college style partying always succumb to the allure of the BYFO nature.

Breaking off one's face correlates to the level of ridiculous consumption. For example, a wine and cheese night would be considered a Stub-Your-Toe, even if all attending frequently Break Their Faces Off

Possible consequences include: sleeping 'til 5 p.m. the next day, crazed kitchen cleaning while clutching tequila, and malicious mamacitas mixing margaritas
"Break Your Face Off at my place tonight!"
"What should we bring?"
"Bring beer, not pants"

"Are you having another Break Your Face Off soon?"
"Yeah, once I get the hole in the drywall patched up from last night"
by THE GARVEYS March 17, 2010
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