There's a social situation and everyone wants to do something, but nobody wants to be the first person. The first person that does so is breaking hearts.
Derived from the card game Hearts.
Everyone wanted some candy from the communal bowl, but we were all waiting until someone else would break hearts.
by jeeneeus October 11, 2009
You say this to someone you find attractive or someone you want to be with.
You are so beautiful. Can you just break my heart?
by lilrayray09 August 7, 2019
Breaking someone's heart is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. You have to live with the worst pain, remembering every second, the memories you had with that person and not understanding how you can hurt someone you cared so much about. Even the thought of them makes you sad. You make yourself feel pain because you feel like you deserve it. But you really do deserve it. Sometimes you just break down crying thinking about the pain you put them through. You can never take it back or change anything, and that's the worst part. You regret having those feelings for another person, making yourself hurt the one you were with before, and breaking there heart. You wish that you were the one getting your heart broken, not them, because you cant live with yourself now. You just wish you could take back where you went wrong.
dang, breaking someone's heart sucks.
by mandapanda21 April 19, 2009
To be blessed with facial features, body sculpturing or simply wearing the sort of clothing which accentuates ones best features to such an extent that people one is trying to attract almost fall into cardiac arrest, so mesmerized are they by the sheer wonder and beauty. And what's more.... A heartbreaker usually is also a tease and never surrenders the prize but leaves them wanting more...
I spent this months salary in the posh section of Selfridges. Tonight me and the lads are going in the pull, firmly with the intention to break some hearts... Lock up your daughters!
by Sorlandsen January 11, 2014
(noun/verb) The feeling of complete devestation and sadness after a break-up in a relationship or dissapointment of that sort. When you feel like you're watching life go by on fast forward, and you're sitting on pause. And you have to keep moving. No matter what. Just keep moving, trying to catch up with people...because if you stop for just a second, you will forever be behind. It's the feeling you get when you have finally trusted someone, and they let you down. To fully understand the meaning, you must have gone through it at some point in your life.
(noun): The heart break she went through after he broke up with her was unbearable, and she became reluctant to love again.

(verb): He was heartbroken after he did not recieve the part in the play.
by Elsie 496 April 1, 2007
It may be different for everybody. Most commonly people feel their heart ache and can't stop crying.
I felt numb and didn't let myself cry. If I started crying I would do everything to stop it. So you really don't get a good cry. You start to feel extremely sad. Possibly have a hard time talking to your friends about it. Feel a lot of self doubt like feeling embarrassed and stupid for falling in love. A lot of regret comes in. Then something may happen, like them saying hi to you (and/or) something related happened. All of the sudden that built up sadness, anger, heart break makes you breakdown. Your friends may start to notice your distance. Don't do what I did. Otherwise you're stuck. Don't ignore your feelings. Don't be ashamed to cry, just don't. It feels like a very sticky wax being pulled off slowly on your skin. I chose to not reflect the situation, the memories, the relationship, and myself. I distracted my thoughts and kept my mind busy instead. If you can relate to this I would feel a great relief because this feels like it isn't normal. If you went through a break up and looked this up just know your a bad bitch ;) and I know you can get through this <3
i dont know what to write here. ANyways thanks For readinG my trUE feelings of my heart break bc my bitch ass decided to write it here instead of talkiNG to a reAl human about it.
by sleeptightanddon'tdie January 15, 2020
Heart break is when your heart feels like its been riped out and crushed in front of your eyes and its usually caused by a fuck boy or a hoe or just any asshole that messes with your feelins. Heart break makes you really sad and depressed and it hurts like hell too. It can last forever or just a few months depending on how much you fell for that bitch that broke ya heart. Almost everyone will get heart broken in rheir life but sadly some never get over it. The only way to prevent it is to stay linely but even then your heart will ache for that guy or person that you have wanted so desperately but could never get. Really sad. Hope no one has to hurt for a long time. Fuck feelins.
Me: "fuck man i felt my Heart Break. I cant believe i though he would love me like i love him...."

My friend: "damn she liked him for 3 years and they never even dated but she keeps letting her heart break cuz of him."
by ~472737~ January 30, 2019