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The term used to define a person of wealth who continually indulges in items more associated with blue collar workers. Usually pertains to those of new found wealth who are finally able to satiate their inner, low-class fantasies.

Items may include monster pick-up trucks, tricked out snow-blowers, mobile homes, etc.
Dude, that new VP is such a breadneck. Did you see that pimped out, jacked-up pick-up truck in the parking lot?
by bdude14 December 20, 2007
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The dirtiest type of self-entitled, inconsiderate redneck bastards who love to go to restaurants and load up on free bread. Typically found at Outback Steakhouse, Logan's, Texas Roadhouse, or any other place where the bread is free. These people are often limited in their vocabulary. Common words they are familiar with: BREAD, extra, butter, and diet coke. They will order the cheapest shit on the menu, no appetizer, get 3-8 refills per breadneck, and run your fucking ass to death about the goddamned bread they feel they deserve or have earned. The lowest form of life on the planet who will not tip you for shit. Five on anything is their tipping motto...ladies and gentlemen....fucking Breadnecks.
"Oh shit, man. I just got a 10 top of breadnecks. I'm not sure we have enough butter."

"These fucking breadnecks have had 6 loafs before I could get their fourth refill or take their order. You think they'll tip well?
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by PaisanMcDego May 20, 2016
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On the significantly obese, it's the collection of fat where the shoulders meet the neck, resembling a loaf of bread; fatty, disgusting bread.
Yes, Tara and Mina are both fat, but Tara's bread neck sets her apart.
by michaeldee28 June 19, 2012
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