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'Brawny and Shunt' is a term used to describe two female best friends who are hot. Rumors suggest these girls are lesbian. However they're the opposite and go to gyms in order to perv on hot men. Brawny likes to take her hair out and flick it while doing weights

Brawny is usually a very fit, hot brunette with a distinctly foreign accent. Shunt is a bit taller than Brawny with less muscle mass and larger breasts. Shunt's hair is usually died blond, but not very well.

As a result of spending too much time in the gym's weights room, both girls have impressive biceps. Like her name suggests, Brawny likes to whip them out on a first date, which renders her boys absolutely crazy.

These two girls together are generally loose-canons, who like to do stupid stuff for entertainment. For example speaking foreign languages whilst walking through the city, wolf whistling at randoms and lying to Brazilian shop assistants about their education.

Brawny is a girl who is the more rational of the pair, whereas shunt gets very silly. Brawny and Shunt are both highly intelligent, and get bullied by wogs with names like "phlegm".

There are many pairs of bffls like B&S. They are most prevalent in Australia, and England.
E.g 1/ Each Sunday morning, Brawny and Shunt go to the pilates class at their gym. In order to piss off the pilates instructor, Brawny and Shunt like to do completely different moves from her.

E.g 2/ Shunt is doing pilates and applying some pink lip gloss. Muscly toned pilates instructor (over microphone): "Putting lipgloss on while exercising, now that's something I would do!"

E.g 3/
Leo: "you two girls are always together.. you know what i think?"

E.g 4/

phlegm: "OIYA BITCHES!"
bs turn around.
phlegm (on her way to smoke.. so understandably testy):"if i hear you talking bad about my girl again, i'm gonna knock ya flat."
by Blondiepoooo September 03, 2010
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