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A violation of accepted norms of male behavior (for example, standard men's room customs or etiquette rules).
There were six unoccupied urinals in the bathroom, but he still decided to use the one right next to me. It was a total braux pas.
by mumbling2myself April 13, 2011
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The rare awkward moment between two male acquaintances or friends when the parting gesture (handshake, fist bump, or bro hug) gets fumbled. This occurs most often either when one goes in for a bro hug and the other wants to shake hands, or when one goes for the traditional handshake and the other goes for some version of the urban handshake. The awkwardness usually lingers until your next parting, at which time you both slightly overcompensate for the previous confusion by first, deciding what form your parting will take, and second, executing it with decidedly more gusto than usual.
We totally botched our handshake last time.
Tots, brah, that was as ugly a braux pas as you're gonna see.

This time, it's a handshake, OK?
Sounds good. I was feeling a little weird about it, too.
by Ae5Ea8 January 15, 2015
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Fumbling with a woman's brassiere which may reult in her getting out of the mood
I met this girl at Mother's but I committed a braux pas in the alleyway.
by rodderx March 29, 2015
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