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A game of skill and tactics named after a town in the federal state of Lower Saxony, Germany. Invented as a form of entertainment for people under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol, the game has a rich history and is a commonly played game during Oktoberfest.

Rules of the Game:
-The game is divided into rounds, with one person being eliminated after each round.
-Every competitor must line up on a wall or fence at the beginning of each round
-A certain landmark is chosen as the "Braunschpole"
-Once the round has started, players are free to move around, but as soon as one person has made any contact with the "Braunschpole", all must get back to the starting wall as fast as possible
-The object of the game is to avoid being the last person to get back to the wall, as this person will be eliminated.

Because of the drunken nature of Braunschweig, rowdiness is encouraged, however is become essential to appoint a moderator for Brunschweig matches who can resolve drunken disputes and prevent any competitor from engaging in conduct that will get them arrested

-The referee of Braunschweig is referred to as the "Braunschführer"
-At the beginning of the game, the most sober person present is appointed to be the Braunschführer
The Braunschführer has absolute power, no one is to question the ruling of the Braunschführer, as the penalty for doing so is being publicly iced
Ludwig, Wolfgang, and Paul got really smashed on the weekend and had an epic game of Braunschweig
by The Braunschführer March 30, 2011
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