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The most charming handsome man in the world he has great looks and he treats girls right. He is the kind of man that will give you his own shirt off his back if needed. Branton is the most amazing person in the world
Oh my god he is such a branton.
Did you see that branton over there?
by Coreyjones420 March 24, 2019
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An unstoppable karate kid, revives himself with nutting , but must do it secretly, so the world can not see his revving powers. Likes to do big kicks in the air, his strongest attack is dad jokes, hes gay.
"Dude I did a Branton last night."
"Oh no what'd you do?"
"i"i was injured madly but i nutted and gained all strength back...that shit had range"
"what did you nut to."
"a dude humping a tree."
"isn't that a little gay."
"i like it gay.but don't worry its only gay if the nuts touch."
by Slutface_420 May 18, 2018
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" A complete asshole in every way possible, has the typicality to rage over dumb shit, and needs to confront Chuck Norris and get a swift roundhouse kick to the jaw. Basically he's the biggest bitchass you'll meet on this planet, and needs to chill the fuck out until shit gets real...Ultimately the most smartass motherfucker that someone needs to stab 10 times in the torso...
' Ew, look at that guy, he's so branton"
"Oh my god, my boyfriend was being such a branton today"
"I hate my life, life is such a branton!"
by Gibberish George April 30, 2014
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THe most charming, stupid, hilariou, branton lickinass motherfucker
"Do you see that guy over there he is so Branton"
by kitty cat garnet March 05, 2017
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