to pull your sunglasses down sensuously to check out a hot girl while she walks by (like in the opening credits of the classic 90210)
I can't believe that guy just did the Brandon Walsh on me, that is so 90s
by Brandon Walsh October 6, 2009
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Named after the character from Beverly Hills 90210, it is when a girl best friend falls for her male best friend, knowing there is no chance at all for it to be anything more than just platonic. Like Andrea Zuckerman and Brandon Walsh.
I can't beleive I like Joe, I seriously have Brandon Walsh Syndrome.

Ex. Did you see Mary, she is always with Ben, she seriously must have Brandon Walsh Syndrome.
by heartmonkey February 20, 2009
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A hair style the represents the persons following trates: Lazy, Misrible, Grumpy, Poor Work Ethic, Good At Nothing, Anoyying laugh, a snake. th person who usualy has this hair style will get a job by being a "shoe in" because they have a relative at that job. This person is hated by many even though he thinks he is cool.
Operator 1: "Man, Look at Greg he is so lazy, all he does is complain and get nothing done!"

Operator 2: "let it go Chris, he has Brandon Walsh Hair."
by MagTheRipper October 17, 2008
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