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The nickname used when you want a longer word for the name Brandon. used mostly by annoying girls that you know.
Hey, look! It's Brandino!
by Popemaster March 28, 2008
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An un-nessicarily long nickname for the name "Brandon". Sounds kind of Spanish. Most commonly used by bubbly (although sometimes annoying) girls with good senses of humour.
Hey, it's Brandino!

He hates it when people call him "Brandino", so let's call him that for the rest of his life.

Brandino lost the game.

Hola, señor Brandino!
by Not Nisha October 01, 2011
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This specific definition of Brandino is defined when a Garry's mod Community Owner will attempt to manipulate people. Another term used for "Brandino" is a human that will consume large amounts of McDonald's and will ultimately gain large quantities of weight. A "Brandino" will also spend large amounts of money for games that he wont even play or wait a considerable amount of time to play them. "Brandino" will commonly manipulate other people and attempt to pursue females of the age of 14. Other names for this "human" are Bran, Bran Flakes, Barndino, and Barndino the Gnome-Fucker.
Yesterday I encountered a Brandino holding up a long line at McDonald's with his orders.
by IizAderpyWiffle December 08, 2017
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