A shorter girl who is shy at first but is a lot to handle at times tends too be on the paler side and a little more curvy figure, if you meet one you better keep her not a lot of people like her but she will make your world, trust me don't screw with a Brandi she will make sure her friends are there for her plus she tends to have a inner circle of friends who are close to her and she trust.
Guy1: Man, I regret breaking it of with Brandi she was so great she made me laugh a lot ..
Guy2: Didn't you hear she's dating Guy3 now?
Guy3: I'm so lucky to have a Brandi in my life!
by Datgirlboo27 December 02, 2018
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A beautiful girl that is Smart, Kind Compassionate, has a great sence of humer, a big flirt, likes to tease around, they're fun to be around and chill with, has beautiful big brown eyes, they plz with their hair,everyone likes her but it sucks most wen she is with someone and it's not u, she will always make u happy wen ur around her.
boy 1.:I'm so jealous tht jack is dating Brandi she is just too good for him
boy 2: I feel u man
by it's all tru May 02, 2015
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Down right most mesmerizing girl you will meet! Very pleasing on the eyes, perfect body bodacious boobs, round bum, hourglass figure. loves her hair, normally green eyes, on the shorter side. Brandi's are committed. Are very romantic and in long relationships. Any guy would be lucky to catch a brandi. Brandi's are very judged based upon their looks. Many many many girls are jealous. But guys love a Brandi! Brandi's the type of girl who's the definition of perfection!
Wow did you see that body! That must be a brandi!
by Hockeyman30 January 19, 2014
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet... she light up your life, complete you. Any girl who finds a Brandi, can expect her to be open and honest with you... but be aware... the whole zoo will erupt with her so be ready - and that zebra might try to escape!
have you ever meet Brandi?
no why?
thats a shame... Brandi is amazing!
by boomboomkittyxo October 04, 2013
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An all around awesome kind of girl. When girls are jealous of Brandis, they often express hostility because they are not up to par. The thing about Brandi is that she still keeps her cool and is pretty fun to be with.
I wish I was drinking some brandy with Brandi right now.
by definingmyworld September 22, 2008
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Brandi is a person who you fall in love with and never can stop no matter if their in a relationship or not. She would be a girl you will never forget. Her laugh brings joy to every person around her. She is beautiful a person that seems impossible to exist and yet she does. Maybe you love her and she is in a relationship but you can still show her so much love.
The person I found is clearly a Brandi. I just can’t get over her.
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by Triggsy August 14, 2018
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