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The new term for a great idea. The light bulb over ur head is no longer useful. Today we are one gender. Multi gender and brains are gender friendly. Rainbows are where the pot of gold awaits the one to seek it out. Find a brainbow... Follow it.... Ull find genius. Knowledge is power.
Ive been thinking and finally i had the best brainbow.

I think special ed Darren can't ever get a brainbow. His brain isnt very powerful.

Dumb people dont have brainbows cuz theyre dumb, dumbass.

Ur such a smart ass. Guess thats why your brainbow is on ur anus.
by lucky bailey rocks September 12, 2018
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A blend of adaptogenic mushrooms designed to enhance productivity, reduce stress, and wash away fatigue.
I blended some Brainbow in my smoothie this morning and my mind is FIRING!
by Free Sigmatic January 31, 2019
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the technique of solving problems or organizing thoughts in a manner that will help give a clear insight or understanding of a complex idea or situation.
When my APEL teacher told me to brainstorm, I decided I'd much rather brainbow.

In order to study for my essay, I brainbowed all my ideas.
by that one kid db November 02, 2010
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(n.) - a brilliant idea that soars "over the rainbow" during a group brainstorming session
"Bob, your idea is so good, I want to call it a brainbow! It really soars above the rest, and it's a keeper. Brilliant!"

-- Overheard at a watercooler in Mountain View, California on January 9, 2010
by PRwiz101 January 16, 2010
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