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Gleaning someone for information.

Obtaining much information from one person.
"I totally brainraped Amber for the French homework!!"
by Captain O. March 15, 2010
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Forced extreme mental exertion, to the point of feeling naked and violated
"Yo how'd that Physics GRE go?"
"Fuck I got brain raped"
by G-monie November 26, 2006
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1. To make someone visualise something they don't want to - usually disgusting stuff.

2. To get something out of someone's head by intimidation or force.
1. A - Hey my mum and dad were half naked and making out.
B - Eww that's gross - stop brain raping me!

2. I was at a meeting with some clients - they couldn't stop brain raping me for ideas!
by W_DRagon May 04, 2005
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To forcefully advise (against their will) a persons or persons. Information to which they would be unwilling to listen to under normal circumstances.
An alternative to Too Much Infomation:

Oh my god, brainrape.

Stop brainraping me dude.

by FuzzBOT September 01, 2005
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to abuse psychologically, fuck with someone's head, to manipulate, play with, or otherwise mess with an other's mind, especially to gain sexual advantage or emotional dependency.
a: "how long are you going to stay with that loser? He treats you like shit."

b: "aw, it's my fault, i deserve it, and i love him"

a: "you're getting brain raped"
by p. coyote August 05, 2009
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Daily events that are so extreme, it feels like they are raping your brain.
I can only take so much of hearing about Nicole's sex life and drama before it feels like she is committing Brain Rape! I need to go to always makes me feel better to know my head isn't the only violated one...
by omgpopples April 08, 2011
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Brain raped or brain raping: When you're woman is watching a dumb ass show and you can't seem to get up. Or if you get yourself stuck in a conversation with a couple of retards. It sucks you in. You can feel the brain cells diminishing but you can't do a thing about it. You're almost I a trance or a hypnotic state.
Mary: hey the WB has their season premiere on tonight! And look Gossip Girl is on...
John: this is so gay (but I can't get out of my seat to leave)

Joe: how can people sit and watch the Jersey Shore and then complain that it's stupid?
Ben: dude! It's cause most are women and women love brain raping television...

Office douchebag: Oooh I'm so awesome. How was your weekend; guess what I did? Blah blah blah...
Ben: fuck, I'm gettin brain raped, again.
by mcdixhurts February 01, 2011
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