a cancer of the brain, exposure to vinyl chloride, also known as chloroethene, is the only proven causative reason of brain cancer. Or playing to much among us
person 1: hey man I have brain cancer.
person 2: oh really? can you show me proof?
person 1: The Imposter is sus!!!!111!!1!1 HOLY SH*T IS THAT TRASHCAN A MOTHERF*CKING AMOGUS REFERNCE
by Escgodofwar May 20, 2021
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When Cancer gets so terminal that it spreads to the brain
I HAVE BRAIN CANCER That dude looks like he has Brain Cancer
by ghghghghghhghghgh September 2, 2018
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Furry: OwO *rawrs* UwU
Normal Person: Oh god anyone here a neurosurgeon? this guy has terminal brain cancer!
by asswholethetird February 17, 2022
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A mental condition caused by years of various degrees of substance abuse and and unprotected sexual relations with brazen trollops that are often ,but not exclusively met on dating websites such as Tinder. Most commonly the victims of Frontal lobe brain cancer will deny that the years of hard living have anything to do with their erratic behavior and will seek sympathy from friends and family.
Hey man..what's up with Leo? Did the syphilis finally catch up with his mental state?

I think so...But, he claims that he has frontal lobe brain cancer.
by The Honarable Mayor Fouts February 19, 2017
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When someone gives you immaculate brain and warps your perception of reality so much to where you got to much brain and now it’s not alive.
by IBeDoingWork March 28, 2022
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