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one who tries with all their known human capacitites to be funny and fails miserably.
Man that stupid bradner thinks he's sooo funny with his "gin and juice" and "crackalackin"

Gosh that kids not even funny, he's such a Bradner!!
by jack October 19, 2004
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A hot sunny day mid july , you're drinking a slurpy on the porch with your ugly dog. Alonng comes a boy or girl stepping over the melting tar in the street. te h boy or girl goes to the intersectoin pulls down their pants and poops. after poopijg they thrust their hand into the poop or rttuerd and rub it into a pancake aor patty. When the poop dries or crackels your have a bradner voila invented in france.
Sid bradner
by mouth September 20, 2003
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