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Bradley Beach is a small town in New Jersey located near Asbury Park and Belmar. Contrary to popular belief, teenagers have not made this town a "drug town". In fact, the only fun you'll have in this town (15+) is hanging out with a group of the local teens. However, do not be talked into going back to "Dougs" house, no one even knows who Doug is. Main street is filled with pizza places, but everyone knows Vics is the best. Hess usually has cheaper gas but "Beyonce" (sunocos owner) will sell cigarettes to a child.
"Let's go to Deal"
"Fuck no, bradley beach beaches are nicer"
by ilove07720 March 31, 2009
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a small town in New Jersey. It is filled with drug using teenagers. But don't be scared these teenagers are the coolest people in the world.
Person, "Hey, where do you want to hang out?"

Person 2,"Let's hang out in Bradley Beach, that's where the coolest people in the world are."
by frozen poop on a stick October 02, 2009
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a really gay town but all the parties are on second ave
person 1: where all the white women at?

person 2: the party on second ave in bradley beach
by uknowmelulz July 14, 2009
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A small beach town on the Jersey Shore between Avon-By-The-Sea, Neptune City, Netune and Ocean Grove. Its within walking distance of the popular towns of Belmar and Asbury Park.
A town with nice people great food and a bunch of unique shops on main street. Benny's can be a problem especially on holidays and weekends, but for the most part the beaches are quiet and clean. The town its self is quite diverse. Black, Mexican, Italian, Irish and Jewish.
The best and most popular eateries are Dacry's, Fins and Vics.
Oh and be careful, your bike will get stolen. And Lake Terrece Ave can be sketchy at night
Guy one: Hey, wanna go surfing in Belmar?

Guy Two: Naw, too many benny's, lets go to third ave in Bradley Beach.
by BBchica February 16, 2013
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