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A fusion of Mountain Dew and Captain Morgan. The Bozant Blast was created by a Mountain Dew loving fanatic, named Bozant who the drink is named after. Bozant wanted to take his childhood passion for Mountain Dew and bring it to the world of alcohol, and did ever so beautifully by creating the Bozant Blast. This drink, that contains three shots of C. Mo to every Mountain Dew, has gained popularity on the campuses of Cal Poly, UCSD, and UCD. This spread is the responsibility of the original Bozant Blast disciples, Zant himself, Jeff, and Marty. Through their courage and determination this trio has spread the word of Zantism, and has made the Bozant Blast the special drink it is today.
Hey Bra what are we going to do when I get to Cal Poly?
-Well I got some Dew and C. Mo in the fridge I was hoping we could Bozant Blast it up and then watch some That 70's show. Then later we could Blast it up again and then play grab ass.
by headmaster May 22, 2008
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One Part Captain Morgan, Three Parts Mountain Dew.
Or use Dew as a chaser to C. Mo.
Dude, do you have any Dew? Cause I got C. Mo and we could make some Bozant Blasts tonight and get hammered."
by Zant May 06, 2008
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