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Boyman is a super hero who is a boy but has all the powers of a man. He knows how to do taxes and can carry heavy groceries. He fights off villains such as TeacherFace, HandsomeGuy, and RoughtyTeenager.
"Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Boyman getting a loan at the bank!"
by chadbrown June 30, 2016
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Word used by Gay men - A boy usually 18-23 - but could be even younger--that reeks of male masculinity-i.e already has somewhat of a hairy chest- hairy legs- treasure line up his stomach to his chest- muscular or defined masculine body- facial stubble-handsome and beautiful but NOT in a pretty way- stud like- already a full blown sexy masculine man-
Bobby is only 18 but he is hairy, muscular, handsome and chiseled-Wow what a boy man!
by Allman October 31, 2007
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