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The disneyesque is a style, creature, being, thing, etc. that is something enthusiastic and exciting from normal works.

Any non-Disney work adopting an art style that is typical of the Disney Animated Canon, for the purpose of an Homage, Affectionate Parody, or even a Take That!, to the Disney style.

Well, at least the stereotypical style is adopted. Regardless of the actual variety of the art in Disney films, many people think that all Disney films have the same general look, with traits such as:

Soft lines.
Large round doe eyes.
Outlines done in colors rather than black.
Very smooth animation in every movement.
Only one tonal layer applied with a gaussian blur in compositing.
This can appear in a TV show, a comic book or a feature-length film; and it doesn't matter if this style lasts through the entire work or is just an Art Shift for a single scene. It can involve a character having a pleasant fantasy, even overlapping with Disney Creatures of the Farce or the Roger Rabbit Effect.
What is it disneyesque?
by Universo e oltre February 26, 2021

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boyman is secretly appeared in High school musical 3 that may as realistic.
Boyman hasn't seen nothing.
by Universo e oltre February 17, 2021

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The bystander is a creature or person something troubled and dreaded from other places or worlds.
Have you watched bystanders are stupid!
by Universo e oltre February 17, 2021

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used to describe a celebration or something awesome, great and exuberant, that liked as a great time that is always enjoyable.
Somebody is seen and gone to disneyland paris new generation festival that is rumbustious.
by Universo e oltre February 17, 2021

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The entertainment is the being or entity represented character and thing.
The entertainment is awesome.
by Universo e oltre October 22, 2019

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